This piece was created for Little Pink House Gallery’s show, titled Renewal.  The focus of the show was Malden, Washington, where 85% of the town was destroyed by wildfires in 2020.  The administration then, wouldn’t release emergency funds due to political reasons.  The Biden Administration released them. This piece has three wood stones made from Walnut, all of them charred by fire.  The middle stone is covered with bleached Walnut to look like snow.  The bottom stone has a green leaf, a sign of life after destruction.

Dimensions:  35”h  x  7.5”w  x  2.75”d   

Materials: Beech, Maple, Walnut

Finish: Image transfer with matte medium, bleached Walnut, acrylic paint, Osmo Poly-x matte

Do not use any type of liquid cleaner.  Dust with dry cloth/duster only.