artist: relief art • sculpture • furniture

 Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 16

Materials: Walnut, Alder, Poplar, glass

Finish: shelf: Osmo Top Oil satin, legs: ebonized and 3 part finish

-Commission project for a Texas couple who bought a house in North Idaho.  They told me they wanted an entry table with straight, clean lines. 

-The elliptical shape in the legs echos architectural details in the ceiling and light fixtures in the entry room.

-The trees represent the forests in North Idaho.

-The shelf honors the wife, a retired nurse. It’s made from Alder wood- a medicinal wood used to fight infections.

-The two orange Tamarack trees in the table are for the couple. They will move to Idaho after the husband retires in a few years. 

Notes:  Do not use liquid cleaner on the wood.  Dust with dry cloth/duster only. Spray glass cleaner on a towel away from the table. Glass top lifts off.