artist: relief art • sculpture • furniture

Dimensions: 30h x 30w x 3d   
Materials: Alder, Birch, found branch
Finish: Latex satin paint, vinegar and steel wool, Osmo PolyX

Notes:  This piece is based on a stick I found while camping in Stanley, Idaho that had three pieces of lichen attached to it- a family. I thought of myself and my two adult children.  Lichen require two or more separate organisms to exist.  Although we may share physical similarities, they are their own organism. Still, bound by our roots, we are a family.

The branch in this piece was found after a long hike on an Oregon mountain. After I thought I had found the perfect branch at the top of a very tall mountain, I very carefully carried it all the way down the mountain. But, I found the branch I used in front of my car door in the trail head parking lot. Some things are meant to be.