artist: relief art • sculpture • furniture

These wood stones were inspired from a few different sources:

Melon gravel, common in southern Idaho, “is basaltic rock that was torn away from the Snake River Canyon walls and lava flows during the Bonneville Flood some 15,000 years ago. The flood carried that rock along for miles, tumbling it against other rocks, knocking off the edges, until it began to  round and become relatively smooth. In places, you can find deposits of it a mile wide and a mile and a half long. ” (https://www.rickjust.com/blog/melon-gravel)

The second source is from snow covered rocks in the Payette River.  

I am waiting for more kindness, empathy, compassion…

Dimensions:  various sizes, largest is 11 x 8 inches

Materials: Recovered wood- Walnut, Honey Locust or maybe Ash

Finish: wood bleach, India Ink, Osmo Poly X

Notes: Do not use liquid cleaner on the wood.  Dust with dry cloth/duster only.